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Recognized by many as the brilliant defense lawyer who achieved a victory acquittal verdict for Casey Anthony and the recent representation of Gary Giordano, the suspect in the high-profile missing woman Aruba case, few know who attorney Jose Baez is outside of the courtroom.  Baez is a man with commitment to the Hispanic community and to social justice. 

Jose Angel Baez is of Puerto Rican descent, who grew up in New York and Miami, Florida.  At the age of 17 Baez joined the United States Navy to serve his country.  Upon completion of his enlistment, he took full advantage of the G.I. Bill and went to college at Florida State University.  Upon graduation, Baez went to St. Thomas University School of Law where he quickly began to demonstrate his trial skill abilities by winning several awards such as the “Best student for Trial Advocacy” and “Moot Court competitions.”

Five years ago, Baez opened The Baez Law Firm in Orlando, Florida.  He immediately carved a niche by representing clients in the Hispanic community and became committed to helping the Hispanic community.  Every year,  Baez raises funds and conducts a toy drive for children whose parents are incarcerated.  In 2007, he completed “Project Paola”.   Paola is a 12 year old girl that lives in Ponedera, Colombia, lives in a dirt shack, and was born with a birth defect.  Upon being made aware of her story, Baez paid for her surgery and enlisted the help of a leg to stand on and today Paola can walk with the help of prosthetic legs. 

Long before the Orlando Sentinel called him “Juanie Cochran,” Baez was known as “El Defensor.”  He immediately became a magnet for many high profile cases such as the case of Elvira Garcia, an illegal Mexican Immigrant accused of kidnapping a child that she had adopted as her own.  Ms. Garcia was cleared of all charges because due to her illegal status she was unable to legally adopt the child. Mr. Baez also represented law enforcement officer Carlos Alves who was charged with aggravated assault of a deadly weapon.  Again, Mr. Baez was successful of not only clearing Officer Alves, but also assisted him in retaining his job as a police officer.  Baez also handled the high profile murder case of Nilton Diaz.  This case was covered heavily by media in Orlando and Puerto Rico because the victim’s grandfather was three time World Boxing Champion Wilfredo Vazquez.  Mr. Diaz was acquitted of both First Degree and Second Degree murder; however he was convicted for a lesser offense. 

Baez stepped on the world stage when he took on the case of Casey Anthony.  He has been featured numerous times in People magazine, “Good Morning America”, “Today” Show, “Dateline”, “48 Hours”, “20/20”, “Geraldo Rivera”, and every major news network and shows across the country and internationally.  Since taking on this high profile case and acquitting his client from the death penalty, Mr. Baez has had to endure countless personal attacks and criticism for doing exactly what he is supposed to do. 

Criminal defense attorneys represent freedom and individual rights, and protect the presumption of innocence for us all.  Yet few lawyers have had to endure the criticism and personal attacks that Jose Baez has had to endure as a result of doing his job and doing it effectively.  I think Geraldo Rivera said it best when talking about Baez when he said, “If you cut through the BS, he’d be a hero.”


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